Her Stories

Beat by Tea

Teanna Bass, Sweet Tea Cosmetics, Vox magazine, black owned, MyLynda

Teanna Bass is just your average 21-year-old girl from Saint Louis...except for the fact that she started her own cosmetics company, Sweet Tea Cosmetics, while in college and opened her own store front. "Beat by Tea" follows her journey from makeup guru to full-fledge business woman.

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Dungeons & Dragons & Drinks, Oh My!

Dungeons, Dragons, bartender, bar, Columbia, Missouri, Mizzou, Vox, alignment chart, MyLynda

To celebrate the 44th anniversary of multiplayer game Dungeons & Dragons, bars in Columbia, Missouri crafted new drinks and themed them around D&D's alignment chart. Separating good and evil, this story highlights some of the nicest and naughtiest drinks found.

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Crime + Punishment: the NYPD officers that tried to better a system and failed

Stephan Maing, Crime + Punishment, NYPD, ticket quota, true false, Columbia, Vox, MyLynda, racism

Stephen Maing's Crime + Punishment is a documentary that follows the trials and triumphs of 12 officers in the New York Police Department as they try to prevent racially motivated arrests and ticketing from becoming the city's next "big thing." This review highlights what successfully pushed that message in the film and what details are challenging to that message.


Woman takes a shower for the first time in 12 years

Crystal Stockwell, disabled, bathroom,  Columbia Missourian, MyLynda, good deed, Washington Times

Crystal Stockwell partnered with a nonprofit organization in Columbia and a few generous landlords, financial donors, and supply stores so that she could take a shower.

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Equal Pay Day still doesn't have equal pay

equal pay day, black women, wage gap, gender gap, Columbia Missourian, MyLynda, employment

Although the issue of men and women making different wages is highlighted in the concept of the gender gap, that concept does not discuss intersectionality. Women of different racial backgrounds also make different wages, and African-American women are at the bottom of the scale.


Craft studio closes due to low funding of the arts

craft studio, Mizzou, art, Columbia, funding, STREAM, STEM, MyLynda

Because of budget cuts at Mizzou's campus, the university couldn't afford to renovate the space of the city's oldest free art studio. Without the renovations or a new space, the Craft Studio was forced to close its doors until a new plan arises.


Israeli Defense soldiers come to Mizzou

Israeli Defense, war, America, Mizzou, TED talk, MyLynda, Matan Katzman

Two soldiers from the Israeli Defense came to Mizzou to speak to students about their experiences in combat, political warfare, and how they can help better the circumstances.


Mizzou extends Delta Upsilon's suspension

Delta Upsilon, Mizzou, fraternity, hazing, suspended, expelled, sorority, MyLynda, Columbia

After hazing allegations, Mizzou's officials launched its investigation into Delta Upsilon's practices and suspended the university's chapter until further notice.


Call to action: Everybody Eats in need of donations for Thanksgiving

Everybody Eats, thanksgiving, turkey, donations, call for action, Columbia, MyLynda, holidays

Everybody Eats has set up donation posts throughout Columbia, Missouri as ways to ensure as many of Columbia's families and residents have a happy thanksgiving. Find out how and where you can help!


Columbia's community celebrates the Festival of Lights with dance performances

Hindu, India, festival of lights, dance, Mizzou, MyLynda, children

Columbia's community celebrates and supports its Hindu residents and friends with the 25th annual Festival of Lights with dances, songs, and feasting.


One dead in drowning incident

Las Margaritas, Columbia, death, drowning, police, MyLynda

One man died after drowning in the pond located behind Las Magaritas on the south side of Columbia, Missouri.


One killed in Rocheport crash

breaking news, crash, car, accident, death, police, ambulance, fire, MyLynda, Columbia, Rocheport

One man is reported dead after a crash occurred on a Missouri highway.