Her Videos

And Then There Were None...

Running Time: 4 minutes 35 seconds

Some of us don't become passionate about issues until they start directly affecting us. What will the world look like if we continue to ignore the strifes of those around us?

Black Like Me

Running Time: 6 minutes 18 seconds

Communities and organizations across the country are fighting for protection of all people from the abuse of police officers who are in uniform but don't uphold the ideology to "protect and serve." Unfortunately, the need for protection comes from televised recordings of the deaths of individuals who have died at the hands of officers without receiving justice. These are their stories.

Mild Sauce

Running Time: 3 minutes 43 seconds

Although Chicago isn't known for having the healthiest foods, it is providing stores with healthier options in some of its driest food deserts. This abstract video is the story of the good and bad of Chicago.


Running Time: 2 minutes 18 seconds

Since the publication of this video, MyLynda has not only become a limited liability corporation but a brand. It is the parent company to The BLURBE magazine, About Face Cosmetics, and On Behalf Of, a work-from-home call center. Watch MyLynda make her mark in this world (literally).